My Day in La La Land☀️

So after arriving late in the evening after the glorious megabus and somehow managing to connect to wifi and call an Uber I arrived at my Hostel in Hollywood…. The best way to describe Hollywood to anyone that is from the UK is.. Blackpool, to anyone that’s not from the UK it’s basically a load of tack ( no offence to Blackpool) 

The hostel.. Not a patch on USA hostels San Fran but good enough for just two nights. I stayed at Banana Bungalow on Hollywood Bvd. The staff were nice but I wouldbt stay there again. Here’s why. Firstly, they didn’t give me any bedding in terms of blankets and although I had booked a 6 bed dorm there were 8 beds in it. There was also a creepy guy in the room.. But I guess that’s not the hostels fault.

Anyway.. After avoiding the creep I decided to spend my day at the beach in Santa hour uber away. Had a little walk along the pier, reached the end of Route 66 and and had a glorious salad and a glass of white. Then to the beach in an attempt to tan of the burn on my back..

A thought that once again popped into my head again for the third time this trip was that solo travel is actually pretty lonely and everything would be a lot better if I could share my experiences with those from home. Sad thoughts aside I decided to head inland in search of an acai bowl… Something I always see on Instagram but never in the UK.. Because.. Well.

Back to Hollywood.. In rush hour. Decided that I couldn’t leave the place till I had visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s a little bit like caos. Whilst trying to search for certain stars there are a lot of people trying to sell you CDS and what not.. CDS really? At least put it on a memory stick.

  Anyway after a quick March I headed to downtown to the Miyako Hotek to meet and great my Contiki group who id be spending a further 26 days with. A few of us decided to go to a nice bar for drinks and dinner before heading back to various accomodations for a good nights sleep before 26 days of Saturday’s
KVP. Xoxo

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