50 Things I miss about the UK

And so on the 23rd of April and approximately 17.00 PST I have lived in Canada for 97 days. Which in other words means that if I was on a tourist visa there would probably be someone from immigration looking to throw me out of the country right now.

Heres just a few random things that I miss about the U.K.
Obviously I haven’t included any friends or family because 1- kind of goes without saying, 2- not about crying right now, 3- I probably will at some point

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have a few comments about some things the UK could take on board too- again… maybe I’ll talk about that another day

  1. Tax already being added
  2. Tipping if you want to
  3. Adverts on TV that don’t last for 5 minutes
  4. (Surprisingly) the lack of rain
  5. Free doctors appointments
  6. the DATE FORMAT
  7. Decent sockets and a decent voltage… ( Canada do you seriously think I have all day to dry my hair)
  8. MnS Food Halls
  9. Heinz beans that taste like Heinz beans
  10. Buying a small milk which isn’t in a carton
  11. Normal Breakfast Tea ( what the hell even is Orange Pekoe?!?)
  12. Being able to buy decent wine at a reasonable price
  13. The definition of Lemonade
  14. Supermarkets you can buy alcohol in
  15. McCoy’s Cheese and Onion
  16. Chips meaning the hot things that go with a burger
  17. Branston Pickle
  18. Bog Standard Fish and Chips
  19. Indian Takeaways… ( OMG its been too long)
  20. Chocolate in general
  21. PRETT
  22. Just buying a normal sandwich in a supermarket ( where da meal deal at?)
  23. Decent cheese that doesn’t cost £12
  24. Being able to stand up in a pub
  25. The abundance of outdoor drinking areas
  26. The sense of Humour
  27. British accents
  28. Stiff upper lips
  29. The overuse of the the word ‘Sorry’
  30. How excited people get when the sun comes out for 10 minutes.
  31. Non glamorous News presenters
    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  32. Not seeing homeless people everyday
  33. Trains at reasonable prices
  34.  The London Underground
  35. Winding roads and country lanes
  36. MnS underwear range ( I’m really not about paying $70 for a bra in Victoria secrets)
  37. Being able to pick up cheap ( but nice) bedding a Primark
  38. Royal Mail
  40. Cheap flights to Europe


And perhaps onto  couple of more personal things.

  1. Getting lunch from MnS at Leigh Delamare on the M4 on the way to Wales
  2. The smell of the soil in Brecon
  3. The semi gone off welsh cakes my Nan makes.
  4. Driving my car ( Mildred)
  5. Driving Mildred to work
  6. My old job
  7. the sound of the piano keys at my Grandad’s house
  8. Football and general merriment at No.20 Grovewood Place
  9. Lynn Turning up at no.9 and getting my mum drunk on GnTs
  10. Complaining about horse racing and football being on ALL THE TIMEProcessed with VSCOcam with c2 preset


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