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Living in a city certainly has its advantages if you’re always on the hungry side. If restaurants and cafes aren’t open 24/7 then you’ll most likely be able to grab a bite even coming up to 11pm. Downtown Vancouver is no different to the above described and potentially even better. Turning every corner with a fantastic range of food from here and there with prices and dining styles to suit everyone. So lets talk about the best meal of the day. Brunch. (Not only to be enjoyed at weekends!)


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI discovered this place after realising that it was International Waffle day a couple of weekends ago. Upon googling where to go to celebrate such an exciting day up popped Nero.
Nero have two locations in Downtown, one slightly larger serving alcohol and more exotic coffee combinations. Both locations offer two types of waffles. Brussel’s and Leige. Leige are the fluffier and sweeter of the two and thats what I went for. Although they offer an appetising section of savoury toppings and that’s what I would normally opt for I decided to go for the Bresilene, a hazelnut, vanilla, caramel sensation. Nero also offer a classic topping section such as bananas and chocolate.  Paired with a latte your bill will come to around $12.

TACOFINO Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I had heard about Tacofino before I had even left the UK. It was always featuring on Vancouver Instagram’s and other blogs. I was, as you can imagine super excited to try.
As you’ve  guessed Tacofino makes tacos, but also other Mexican favourites such as burritos, corn soups and nachos. Given the name I felt obliged to to try out a taco.. or two. Between $6 and $7 each the tacos are big and reasonably priced. I can personally recommend the chicken and the pork al pastor. The only downside to Gastown location ( which seems to be the most popular and well known) is that you can only order a burrito to go which I think seems a little waste of potential. Luckily with several other locations in Downtown Vancouver i’d probably take my burrito cravings elsewhere.

BUBBLE TEA SHOP Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

There is an amazing section of bubble tea shops all over Vancouver, a lot of them serving other sweet treats such as cake and waffles. I’d always seen these amazing looking waffles on Instagram and for ages I couldn’t figure out what they were called and where I could get one from. Turned out they were called bubble waffles. Although the Bubble Tea Shop refers to them as egg waffle parfaits the rest of the world should rest assured that it is a bubble waffle.  At $8.99 each they offer a variety of flavours such as strawberry shortcake, oreo and s’mores. They are so big that sharing one wouldn’t be a problem either. It will still take you around 20 minutes to completely finish! Perfect for a sweet start to your day.

GLOWBALProcessed with VSCO with e4 preset

I always walked past the signature restaurant on West Georgia St and thought I’d definitely have to save for a while before I could fine dine like the rest of them. Until I found out what I am about to tell you. If you are a fan of Eggs Benedict Global offers three specials on a weekend Brunch ( 9am- 3pm) only costing $10. Pairing this with a cocktail hour starting at 2:30 and $5 Prosecco ( and other treats) an absolutely fabulous lunch will only cost you $15. Benny options include a traditional Canadian bacon, Florentine and West coast style ( prawns), then accompanied with a healthy salad and delicious roasted potatoes. Cocktail hour also includes other discounted favourites such as calamari, mussels and short rib poutine.

PEAKED PIESProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Another online discovery came in the form of a pie shop. The primary filling being meat, not so common in Canada. Peaked Pies are based both in Whistler and in the Westend of Downtown Vancouver and produce some of the most put together, well formed pies I’ve seen in a longtime. They offer various fillings ranging from a classic ‘Aussie’, beef curry, chicken and vegetable. In addition they also also serve two speciality breakfast pies before 11am ,alongside a section of Australian favourite sweets and speciality coffees. You also have the option to have your pie ‘peaked’. Mashed potatoes and mushy peas drenched in gravy balanced delicately on top of your pie of choice.  Standard pies start from  $6.95

*all prices are subject to taxes and tips

Don’t y’all get too hungry now.


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