Thailand with Contiki

I travelled with Contiki to Thailand in 2018 in an attempt to jump on board the hype. Four years prior to that I had spent around a month galavanting around the country ( which to be honest sounds like a fucking dream right now) and I just couldn’t see the fascination that everyone else had.. what magic was I missing? It was time to find out.

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6 Things to do in Cape Town in the Winter

Cape Town in the winter? simple explanation: I don’t chose when my holidays are

Cape Town in general
Cape Town is pretty much located at the southern point of the African continent, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. You will recognise the city for its most prominent geographical feature: Table Mountain. Summers are hot and Winters are definitely mild by British standards. Winter is considered between June and August and this brings me nicely onto describing 6 of the activities I enjoyed during my stay.

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Safari in Kruger National Park

Giraffes have always been my favourite

Okay, my title may be a little misleading, BUT at least half of this post will be about Kruger, The OTHER half will be about our experience at Bongani Mountain Lodge ( which is just outside the national park .)

Cubs following their mumma

A little about Bongani.
Bongani sits in its own game reserve. Staying here you will receive included in your booking price three meals a day, two safaris, wifi and a good time!
( you can find more information about Bongani Here

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Vancouver; what I really miss

They say that you never appreciate the moment until it’s gone. You don’t.. there’s always something not quite right, something uncomfortable.
When I moved to Vancouver in Jan 2017 I was full of its optimism. I left hating the place and feeling tired.

I have  had some real time since this lockdown started to think about the latest segment of my life, specifically my year in Canada. I ended up coming home a year earlier than I had originally intended and yeah… facepalm.

I was meant to be going a to heap of places this summer, but I am most sad about not returning to Vancouver.
Whilst I was in Canada I wrote a list – 50 things I miss about the UK and now I intend to do the same. Perhaps not with 50 things though. Read more