New Years Message 2019

For those of you who don’t know me on a scale more than instagram you probably won’t know or even be able to recognise that for me 2019 has been an awful year. Not because I haven’t been anywhere, graduated from a second degree and actually got an adult job..(because I did)  but because for the most part I have been incredibly miserable, and if I am being honest it hasn’t just been this year but the previous two also. Read more

7.5 photos to convince you that all you might need is a week off in Abu Dhabi

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The Beaches are beautiful
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The pools too…
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It has one of the most Beautiful Mosques in the World
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So beautiful, I have even included two photos of it
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The food is Fresh
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and the drinks aren’t bad too.
Most importantly, the sunsets prove that endings too can be beautiful.

Photos taken at the Incontinental – Abu Dhabi

14 days in Africa -Official Itinerary

Hey, long time- no write.

Below is listed, as suggested above our official itinerary for this trip set out day by day for your interest.

1- Arrive in Zimbabwe

2- Explore Victoria Falls on foot

3- Day trip to Botswana- Chobe National Park

4-Day trip to Zambia – Devils Pool and Zambezi River cruise

5- Arrive in South Africa- Krugger National Park

6- X2 Game drives around the Lodge

7- Game drive in Kruger National Park

8- Arrive in Cape Town, South Africa

9- Explore Bo Kaap and The Waterfront

10-Climb Table Mountain

11- Rest day

13- Western Cape Trip


15- Home

Needless to say there were some changes to this itinerary, however if planning for anyone else I would recommend following this .. Message me for any details.

I will shortly be writing up the full and complete experiences, country by country and the whole catalogue should be up by Christmas ( this year ha)

Until then here’s a highlight reel:

Hotels we stayed at linked:

Kingdom Falls, Zimbabwe

Bongani Mountain Lodge , Krugger

Once, Cape Town

Lagoon Beach, Cape Town



Thanksgiving in Tofino, BC

I visited Tofino in October 2017. .. and just to clarify I am talking about CANADIAN Thanksgiving… pretty much the same… just in a different month. In brief, Thanksgiving  traditionally celebrates the harvest, although nowadays is more about being thankful in general. Thanksgiving is commonly on the 3rd Monday in October. Read more