6 Things to do in Cape Town in the Winter

Cape Town in the winter? simple explanation: I don’t chose when my holidays are

Cape Town in general
Cape Town is pretty much located at the southern point of the African continent, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. You will recognise the city for its most prominent geographical feature: Table Mountain. Summers are hot and Winters are definitely mild by British standards. Winter is considered between June and August and this brings me nicely onto describing 6 of the activities I enjoyed during my stay.

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Safari in Kruger National Park

Giraffes have always been my favourite

Okay, my title may be a little misleading, BUT at least half of this post will be about Kruger, The OTHER half will be about our experience at Bongani Mountain Lodge ( which is just outside the national park .)

Cubs following their mumma

A little about Bongani.
Bongani sits in its own game reserve. Staying here you will receive included in your booking price three meals a day, two safaris, wifi and a good time!
( you can find more information about Bongani Here

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14 days in Africa -Official Itinerary

Hey, long time- no write.

Below is listed, as suggested above our official itinerary for this trip set out day by day for your interest.

1- Arrive in Zimbabwe

2- Explore Victoria Falls on foot

3- Day trip to Botswana- Chobe National Park

4-Day trip to Zambia – Devils Pool and Zambezi River cruise

5- Arrive in South Africa- Krugger National Park

6- X2 Game drives around the Lodge

7- Game drive in Kruger National Park

8- Arrive in Cape Town, South Africa

9- Explore Bo Kaap and The Waterfront

10-Climb Table Mountain

11- Rest day

13- Western Cape Trip


15- Home

Needless to say there were some changes to this itinerary, however if planning for anyone else I would recommend following this .. Message me for any details.

I will shortly be writing up the full and complete experiences, country by country and the whole catalogue should be up by Christmas ( this year ha)

Until then here’s a highlight reel:

Hotels we stayed at linked:

Kingdom Falls, Zimbabwe

Bongani Mountain Lodge , Krugger

Once, Cape Town

Lagoon Beach, Cape Town



My Bucket List.

A bucket list I found from January categorized for me to keep track of what I’m doing and where I have been. It’s given me something to work towards and look forward to. Let me know if there’s anything else you would recommend and I’ll add it to my list… ( which right now seems never ending. Haha.)
The Bucket List

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