Vancouver; what I really miss

They say that you never appreciate the moment until it’s gone. You don’t.. there’s always something not quite right, something uncomfortable.
When I moved to Vancouver in Jan 2017 I was full of its optimism. I left hating the place and feeling tired.

I have  had some real time since this lockdown started to think about the latest segment of my life, specifically my year in Canada. I ended up coming home a year earlier than I had originally intended and yeah… facepalm.

I was meant to be going a to heap of places this summer, but I am most sad about not returning to Vancouver.
Whilst I was in Canada I wrote a list – 50 things I miss about the UK and now I intend to do the same. Perhaps not with 50 things though.

Poutine, but not just any poutine. Mean Poutine from the corner of Granville and Nelson. Get the Buffalo chicken special and thank me later.

Mean Poutine

I miss Breka and not just because it happened to be viewable from my lounge window or that because it was open for 24 hours but because of the Montreal smoked meat sandwich I often found myself eating at 2am on a Saturday. ( okay, maybe the 24 hour opening time did help.)

I miss looking out of my bedroom window and seeing the snowcapped mountains slowly turn green as summer finally crept in.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Corner of Bute and Haro

Strange one, but different flavoured wraps. Tomato is a winner and honestly how the UK hasn’t caught on to this yet beats me!

The rain.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
On Robson. 7am

How close I was to the USA and on not enough occasions frequenting down the West Coast to avoid the said rain.

I miss living in the centre of Downtown and paying $750CA for rent. ( who needs their bedroom window to shut in January anyway?!?)

Ginger cider, Tacos, Asian food, Avo toast, cheddar popcorn… food in general tbh. I could write a whole section on this alone.

Pawn Shop Tacos
A Potato Tornado at Kits Beach
Nelson The Seagull

I even miss the crappy coffee from Tims, but especially the crispy chicken and bacon wrap.  Get it spicy.

Speaking of sandwiches. Tractor.. if you really want to spend your money.

The epic selection of happy hoursIMG_1952

Right now, what do i miss the most… and I say this because although so far this list hasn’t been in a particular order, Poutine has just missed out here; my three favourite things, all in one place. The Mountains, the Ocean , The Trees.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Boy. I really did royally fuck up.

Do you miss anything from a place you once lived?


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50 Things I missed about the UK 


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