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Living in a city certainly has its advantages if you’re always on the hungry side. If restaurants and cafes aren’t open 24/7 then you’ll most likely be able to grab a bite even coming up to 11pm. Downtown Vancouver is no different to the above described and potentially even better. Turning every corner with a fantastic range of food from here and there with prices and dining styles to suit everyone. So lets talk about the best meal of the day. Brunch. (Not only to be enjoyed at weekends!)
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HOW TO: Disneyland Paris in less than 48 hours

The Chatty Version.

Throwing it back to the second weekend in September 2016, I decided it was about time that  I took advantage of Anna’s discounts in the Eurostar.

First stop- check in at St Pancras, where despite being 24 at the time, the lady at check in wouldn’t let me go through electronic passport because somehow I looked under 18. Compliment? Okay.
Unfortunately said EuroStar did not have wifi. Thankfully it was 6am I we had better things like sleep to do. Read more