Kate, I thought you had given up?

Yeah, my bad…I have been super lazy.
In honouring my 26th birthday a couple of weeks back I decided to end my hiatus on the blog and attempt to start things up again. ( she says)
Naturally I thought I’d talk about something I know a fair bit about.

Here’s 26 interesting facts about me. ( and an obligatory photo)

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  1. I don’t really like flying.
  2. My all time favourite animal is the Giraffe.
  3. If I could only travel to two more places it would be Iceland and New Zealand.
  4. My favourite country really depends what mood I’m in.
  5. I think that Poutine is the best thing about Canada.
  6. I have had a driving licence since 2011 but I’ve only driven on the motorway twice.
  7. I will only dance to TWO songs. The YMCA and The Macarena.
  8. I like things that twinkle.
  9. For my 18th Birthday, amongst other things I got a ‘Best of Vera Lynn’ CD and a teapot.
  10. Instagram is kind of pissing me off at the moment.
  11. In the last three years I’ve been to NYC four times and The Grand Canyon twice.
  12. I can’t decide if I like my hair blonde or brunette.
  13. I’ve dropped my phone down the toilet three times and it’s survived twice.
  14. I like British summer evenings at dusk.
  15. I started drinking coffee at the same time as red wine ( not quite literally ) but it was in May 2015 in NYC and I was 23.
  16. My biggest vice is that I am overly forgiving.
  17. People that think I’m quiet don’t know me all that well.
  18. I believe if you can, then you should.
  19. I make a killer lasagne. ( alongside everyone else apparently)
  20. I’ve been to 35 US states. I don’t have a favourite.
  21. I collect souvenirs tee shirts and baseball caps.
  22. I lied before, my biggest vice is that I never give up.
  23. It was easier for me to move to Canada than ask someone where something is in a shop.
  24. I’m always cautious about the month of December.
  25. I find it hard to appreciate magnificent sites because I’ve seen so many. ( I know… such a first world problem)
  26. House of the rising sun is my karaoke song of choice and yes I think I sound pretty good.
  27. Cheese is the best thing that comes from a cow.
  28. If you have got this far you’ll realise this is the 28th fact, let’s be friends… I like people that finish what they start.

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