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Living in a city certainly has its advantages if you’re always on the hungry side. If restaurants and cafes aren’t open 24/7 then you’ll most likely be able to grab a bite even coming up to 11pm. Downtown Vancouver is no different to the above described and potentially even better. Turning every corner with a fantastic range of food from here and there with prices and dining styles to suit everyone. So lets talk about the best meal of the day. Brunch. (Not only to be enjoyed at weekends!)
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Why the Torres Del Paine was the worst five days EVER.

Summarised in to 5 beautiful points.


When I write about travel or most specifically my own experiences, i try to achieve two things. Firstly, to make others want to do what I have done and secondly, to make people maybe a lil jealous ( yeah I actually said that )
This post will attempt to do neither of those things. Instead, as ever I will try to make this as comical as possible in the hope that you will laugh about this disaster of a trip and throughly enjoy my misfortunes.
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