With its tropical, all year round weather, its no wonder that Cairns is popular with tourists. From a relaxing BBQ on the Esplanade  to splashing out in the lagoon, you really can’t go wrong in Cairns. Cairns offers not only a traditional Aussie cuisine, serving up kangaroo steak and Emu Pizza, it also home to international cuisines found all along the Esplanade and if you want some FroYo I suggest you head down to Yo My Goodness. If its the nightlife you are after, then Cairns really does have something to offer. Venues such as P.J.O’Briens, The Woolshed and The Sugar Hut are all popular venues. If you are in the mood for an all round nightlife experience, pop into Gilligan’s Backpackers Resort. Not only does this place have a pool, but also indoor and outdoor seating, big screens and food to suit all your needs.
A personal tip. – If you can bare to drag yourself out of bed at 4am take a walk down to the Esplanade. The sunrise is to die for. Villa Romana also do an awesome buffet breakfast.


The Great Barrier Reef.
If Cairns is famous for anything, then it has to be the The Great Barrier Reef and choosing to avoid it, just shouldn’t be an option. A two hour boat ride of the mainland, open all year round there are plenty of trips to chose from. If its not just snorkeling and diving, then parasailing,  sea kayaking or even a helicopter ride is always an option. Trips themselves cater for all ages and for many different budgets so even if you are a little sort on cash there is something for everyone. Trust me, the clear water, on average 24C and the beautiful coral will not repel you. Once visited you will surely want to return, again and again. (Perhaps not though if you’re James Cook on the Endevour though.)
A day spent on the Reef will certainly be one to remember.

reef 1

The Daintree Rainforest.
where two heritage sites meet.
90 minutes North of Cairns lies the oldest rain forest in the world and Queensland’s second national heritage site. The 900000 hectares primarily consists of tropical rainforest, mangroves, wetlands and eucalypt forestry. It is the home to species such as the Cass0wary and the Flying Fox amongst 12000 others. Mossman is a popular tourist spot for visitors to the region. Guided walks, run by the native Kuku Yalanji Mossman Gorge Community are always available and situated on the on edge of a gorge, Mossmon, is a popular spot for taking a forest track walk, a dip in the natural pool and a picnic.
Cape Tribulation… a place like no other. The main home to the endangered 2 meter tall Cassowary and completely cut off from ANY PHONE SIGNAL, crossing crocodile invested waters just to get to this place may not sound appealing. ‘Cape Trib’ so named after the trials and tribulations of Sir James Cook offers a variety of activities from Jungle surfing ( a zip wire above the canopy) to horse rides on the beach. Speaking of the beach. Its gorgeous.


 Port Douglas
Once a sleepy fishing village, Port Douglas is now a premier destinations for tourists ans travelers alike. Not only does it behold the gateway between The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree, it is the home to world class shops, tropical golf courses, 4 mile beach and exclusive hotels and and villas. Even if you just want a day on the beach. Port Douglas is definitely worth a visit.



Fancy a cuppa’? Click on the link to find out all about the Daintree Tea Company. Fouded in 1978, this pesticide free tea is becoming more and more popular.

Other Sources and more Information.

Daintree Rainforest

Villa Romana Trattoria


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