Sunny Sydney

This summer I spent little more than three days in the Capital of New South Wales. One thing I can tell you for sure though, Sydney is one special place. With a summer time average of 24C and a winter average dropping no lower than 17C and 340 days of sunshine you can’t help fall in love with the place.
After squeezing in as much as posssible, here’s some things that I suggest doing.

The Opera Bar

Okay, so sitting at a bar might not be for everyone, but  you can’t not like this one. It’s not overly cheap, as you can probably imagine … But the view is incredible. After a two week tour down the east coast, Sydney was a perfect final destination to celebrate with a bottle of cava. Even in the winter ( July ) the weather was stunning and as the sun glistened on the water, even to just sit there was magical. Go on one of the 340 days. It’s awesome.

Bondi Beach
It seems incredibly rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of Bondi, even if they couldn’t tell you it’s location. Being one of the most famous beaches in the world, I was sure it would disappoint. Then, I remembered that I was in Australia and that everything was beautiful. If in your head, you imagine a beach full of surfers, then yeah, that’s Bondi alright. If you really want to see Bondi from a view then I recommend you walk on the path from Bondi to Coggee. Pretty stunning. Also, I haven’t been, but people have spoken in high regard of the ‘Iceberg Dinning room and Bar. If you go tell me what it’s like.



Manly Beach

Manly feels like a world away from the hectic buzz of Sydney. The small little town offers a variety of shops, cafés and restaurants. Since 1855 the Sydney ferry has been a major attraction for tourists. The trip from Manly to Sydney Harbour takes approximately 30 minutes, runs both night and day and offers spectacular views of the Harbour. Unfortunately the ferry was on strike on the day I visited Manly, but from what I’ve heard its definitely worth doing.

Take a half day trip to the Blue Mountains
The mountains, named so because of the vapour coming off the Eucalyptus trees is a beautiful national park. In fact the towns surrounding, such as Katoomba and Leura are rather how I imagined New Zealand. Echo. Echo…echo point is also a good place to see the Three Sisters rock formation. Cold and windy in the winter but still lovely and sunny.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Okay so everyone raves about the Bridge climb. So yes the views  are stunning- especially at night. BUT it takes in total about 4 hours, and in the winter it’s freezing at night. Alsooo. You can’t take photos. It’s completely overpriced for what you get. However, what I would recommend, and feel absolutely gutted I didn’t do, is climb the east pylon. It’s 300 hundred steps but the view is well worth it, you can take your camera and from ten pictures I’ve seen it is well worth the $13.

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