About Me ♥

Muir Woods. Cali.


Kate|28|Photographer|6 Continents|35U.S States|36 countries
/London Based.


Did you always want to travel?
No, not at all. I really enjoyed holidays and lazing around on beaches but in terms of seeing the world. Big no.

What Changed?
I went to Australia… enough said.

How do you fund your trips?
I work and then leave. Up until moving to Canada I have lived with my parents ever since uni. Makes sense… I also don’t really spend my money on material goods. I’d rather have the adventures. 🙂

Have you always liked photography?
YES! I have always been uber keen whether it be people, buildings for landscapes.

Who takes the photos of you?
Ha, a lot of the time my mum. When I’m away the people I travel with or meet and occasionally the odd passing stranger. Its all set up so all they have to do is press click.

Favourite Place you’ve visited?
Probably Switzerland/ Australia  country wise. In terms of cities etc hands down NYC
(2020 edit: I have had a real obsession with the USA for at least 3 years now)

Where are you off to next?
Well I had all sorts of plans, but Covid had other ideas.

How do you stay healthy when you travel?
I try to walk everywhere. ( when humanly possible)

Favourite food?
Something along the lines of Mexican|Thai|American…. I can’t decide. I just love food.

Current Obsessions?
(2020 edit: yep)

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