Good Eats.

This Autumn at South Bank.
Summer in London is coming to an end. But as the leaves start to fall and the nights draw in, nothing is stopping this market.


The Real Food Market is situated at Southbank Centre Square and there’s plenty on. So, whats so good about this place? Firstly, there’s a little bit of everything on offer ranging from wild game to Korean burritos! In addition to the fantastic food, there’s also a wide range of drinks on offer. Real Foods ethos is a belief that everyone should be able to access authentic, real food at a convenience. It sure does offer just that. Personal interaction surely does make a difference to the usual dinning/buying experience at chain restaurants and supermarkets.

“The sheer quality of produce available ranges from beef from cattle fed on grass, muesli from cereals free of pesticides, grown on soil packed with a billion micronutrients; cheeses with such distinctive flavours, the freshest, seasonal fruit and vegetables, artisan breads of amazing diversity and taste, charcuterie, chocolates and desserts all sold to you with an enthusiasm, passion and knowledge that no supermarket employee will ever match. As a regular shopper at the Real Food Market, you can trust the provenance of your food by buying direct from the people who produce it.”

Whats not to great about The Real Food Market?  There’s just too much to choose from. I know I’ll be back over the next few weeks for more delicious food.

IMG_5318 IMG_5319 IMG_5320IMG_5321
Its on most weekends till the end of the year, so chances are you won’t miss it if you head down.

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