Full Moon Party.

Okay, so it’s the biggest party in the world. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be?
In a word no & here’s why.


Koh Phangan- the party island- getting there.
To get here you have got to like boats. That being, horribly slow, hot and crowded boats full of rude people. Okay, little harsh but on the way back to the mainland it took them an hour to dock the ferry and we could have easily missed our flight. Raj Ferrys big No no.

koh Phangan, the Island itself
I’ve never been to Phuket or Koh Phi Phi, but the way people talk about them, they must be a hell of a lot better than Koh Phangan. It takes about 4 hours to make it from one side of the Island to the other, so it’s pretty small. It’s pretty dead most of the week leading up to the party and only starts to get busy about 2 days before. Before all the chaos started, Katie and I had a chance to explore the Island a little. To be honest, there’s not much there. Haad Rin, is pretty dead during the day ( in the summer, no idea about winter), the beaches are pretty nice, but with a rain shower and clouds in the sky all day, it isn’t really worth trying to sunbathe.

Koh Phangan- Food
Okay, the food is pretty good, but I think that goes for the whole of Thailand. Again the food is so reasonably priced, but they seem to have no idea when it comes to serving it up. Do not expect your breakfast, lunch or dinner to arrive within half an hour of your companion’s… Or on occasion for it to be the right dish. However, you can pretty much get anything you fancy to eat and there are a fair few restaurants which have decent sized meals for 100 Thai Bhat. ( £2.00) awesome.
Thai Buckets
These buckets are actually pretty decent, although if you don’t like your drinks great quantities you’re probably better off buying separate drinks. These buckets are pretty much custom made to what you fancy but nearly always contain Thai red bull. ( a lot sweeter, can’t say I’m it’s biggest fan) the buckets can also contain Sang Som rum… Bit grim. Anyway. Most of the time they don’t even taste alcoholic so be careful.

Full Moon Party- Build up
I think most people will agree that the lead up to the party is actually better than the party itself. Haad Rin beach has a pretty relaxed atmosphere but still has a lot of stuff going on. Parties such as the ‘jungle’ and the ‘waterfull’ are pretty decent but make sure you like big crowds and wear a lot of mosquito repellent.
Full Moon Party- The Party
Firstly, remember to get your neon on, pre drink and don’t feel hungover. Upon arriving, its so crowded there are so many bright colours. It’s quite pretty.
Okay so it’s busy, people are always going to be more annoying and drunk than you are, so if you really wanna have some fun, the only way is to be completely drunk. If being drunk isn’t your thing then you might as well not bother. Sad but true. Even if you do manage to make it through to 6 am, the sight of watching people having sex, right next to where someone is having a pee is going to ruin your sunrise. Also, you have to pay to use the toilet in places where it’s been free the rest of the week. Plus… It’s disgusting.
I know I sound like a Grandma, but trust me, you’ll have better nights.

IMG_2101.JPGBack to Thailand


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