What’s on in Bangkok.

The capital of Thailand has always been popular amongst holiday makers and travellers but with its busy streets and what seems hundreds of temples, it can all be rather overwhelming.
Here’s some tips and a bit of advice for spending time in the capital.

1) Take a canal trip.
Now, it’s nothing like Venice, but the Bangkok water system does hold some charm of its own. Over the years the canals have become less and less popular due to risks of cholera and increased needs for roads, but although pretty pungent in some places the canals remain picturesque. Several old bridges remain and houses crowd the waters edge. For a few Bhat, it’s worth it. Also, you get a pretty nice view of Wat Arun.

2)Khao San Road.
For the city where East meets west, Khao San road is where that happens. From a range of shops, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, amongst other attractions. There’s a great selection of different cuisines, ranging from western dishes and many other eastern delights. There are lots of tasty food stalls and if you’re brave you can treat yourself to a fried scorpion, which I’m told tastes like chicken. There’s also your fair selection of bars to chose from, and at night, mobile bars appear along the road side selling the famous Thai bucket.
3) The Grand Palace
The first thing to mention here is the dress coad. Everyone must have covered legs and shoulders. Annoying when it’s hot, but fortunately there’s a booth where you can rent clothes for the day. The temple is open daily from 8:30 – 3:30, so don’t believe any taxi drivers, or men at the front who say it’s not.

4) Sky Bar at Leuba Tower.
Prepare yourself for something fancy. It’s quite an extravagant place to be, but none more than London, NYC or Sydney. You get a chance to admire the views over Bangkok whilst sipping on an expensive cocktail. Or a meal. Whatever. There’s also a dress code, so put on your best gear.

IMG_2125.JPGBack to Thailand.


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