My Venetian Diary.

Day 1)After waking up at 2 after getting an hour and a halfs sleep I was not too impressed with having a rude man at check in at Gatwick this morning.
Surprisingly for a monarch flight it wasn’t too uncomfortable.
We arrives into Venice at 10 ish and then had the task of getting a water bus/ taxi to our hotel.
The bus was awful, thought I was going to pass out with the heat.
After a a bit of where are we? , we found the hotel.
Probably the best hotel i have ever chosen. Upon arrival we recieve da complimentary bottle of proseco, which is always lovely.
We headed out for lunch. After some pizza and lasane was consumed we headed back to have a nap before dinner.
We headed back out at about 8 to watch dusk fall upon the city. Venice really is beautiful.
Gelato before bed. 🙂

Day 2)Breakfast was slightly better today. Chocolate croissants out when we actually got there. Today we did a bit more promenading before heading to the Jewish Ghetto. Slightly bizare. Lots of Jewish people appeared out of knowwhere.
We had lunch in Dorseduro. Both opted for pizza and some wine which tasted watered down.

Day 3) Another beautiful day in Serenissima. Today Beth and I were lucky enough to have another day in Venice.Today we visited Basilica di San Marco and after another lovely lunch headed back to our room. In the evening we climbed ( got the lift) to the top of the bell tower that looks over Venice. The view is superb and this is the view of the sunset.

Day 4)Finally, the main reason I wanted to be in Venice… Apart from the photos
Time for the Gondola. Although it was €40 each and only for 30 minutes, it had to be done ha.
After our ride in the sun. We headed to the Hard Rock Cafe, Venice.
I had the southern fried chicken strips with chips. Yummy.
The expensive day continued…
After our large lunch we retreated back to the room to get ready for our trip to yeah skyline bar, at the Hilton.
After a quick trip across the grand canal, we enjoyed a Bellini on the roof bar.
Fantastic end to a long weekend.


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