Suitcase V’s Backpack…The debate.


Whatever I say here, you will have already be on one camp. Since I’ve been travelling I’ve met plenty of people who will fight for either case bu there is my argument.

I first encountered the ‘dilemma’ in 2011 when I went interailling for a mere 8 days around Italy. My friend had already opted for a backpack, but my only real experience with backpacks was Duke of Edinburgh at school and I wasn’t overly thrilled about carrying in around on my back again. I opted for a tiny suitcase, literally. I don’t even know how I placked for over a week using it. Conclusion. For 8 days either option would have been viable. My suitcase was literally cabin size so wasn’t really a bother getting on and off trains etc etc.

When it came to travelling for 2 months last year, it just so happened to make the most sense to take a backpack. HOWEVER after 8 weeks of being in HK, Australia and Thailand and what I can only describe as lugging that piece of shit around I wanted to throw it off a cliff.

So why might one prefer  the backpack?

1)hands free. …wooo, how exciting..but do you seriously believe that I don’t have another piece of hand luggage..what a ridiculous assumption
2)Great for long distant walking….okay well I’m not going up a mountain with all my belongings on my back. thank you and goodbye.
3)Its lighter … yeah but its on your back. last time i checked, I am not a tortoise.

All hail the suitcase!!

1) As mentioned above, there is no point in having two backpacks. By all means, take a small rucksack as hand luggage, but seriously if you have two, where the hell do you intend to carry the small one. So NOT hands free. Suitcase FTW.

2)You seriously think that I have all day long to find the one crop top i need which of course is right at the bottom of the backpack?!? The suitcase keeps everything neat, tidy and in order. ( as well as they can be after 8 weeks)

3) The suitcase provides a safe haven for storing souvenirs which are fragile or need to b packed flat.

Okay, I really have abused the rucksack..backpack …whatever you want to call it.. but  sure it does depend on your length of trip, your destination and probably if you are a boy or a girl. Needless to say in 3 weeks time when I go to Mexico,  I will be taking a suitcase.

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