Do’s and Don’ts NYC

Times Square. 2015

My personal approach on Holidaying in the City that Never Sleeps.

Subway Cards/metro cards… whatever you want to call them.. If you plan on being in the city for over 5 days get one. If you are a frequent user of the subway it will save you loads of money. Not convinced about the subway? You should be. Its quick, easy, avoids the city traffic and its sooo cheap.
-Book accommodation in Advance:NYC is well recognised for being super expensive. Luckily the city offers a lot of fantastic deals on both hotels and hostels.. just don’t leave it till last minute because you’ll get caught it.
-Prepare for the weather: NYC weather is pretty temperamental. 34C one day and 19C the next. Check the weather before you pack and do so accordingly.
-Don’t bother with China Town– Often crowded, smelly and people are just a bit ‘off’. There are a lot of people selling fake designer bags etc on the street, which actually are meant to be pretty good. Grab your Prado and go.
-Don’t go for NYC Pizza in Little Italy: Goes without saying surely. Go for Italian Pizza.

Bryant Park 2015

-Venture out of Mid Town: Yes true, the majority of the attractions are there but there is so much more to explore… ( this is where the subway comes in 😉 ) If you really want a more authentic experience head downtown or into the other Boroughs.
-Don’t bother with the Empire State Building: Without a doubt go to the Top of the Rock instead.. especially if you are only in the city for a couple of days. You get a fantastic view of the ESB, its cheaper and the queues not half as long.
Central Park: If you want to see the whole then I’d recommend grabbing a bike and cycling round the edge. But also take a walk as the bikes can’t actually go into the park. Real exploration is by foot.
-Do try the street food: Common sense needed. If it looks blue or someother funky colour don’t eat it. Most carts and vendors are awesome though. Fan of waffles.. check out Waffles and Dinges
Chelsea Markets: Go here. Its a great way to spend an afternoon .. or an evening. Food good and shops interesting. Nothing more needed to be said.

– Don’t ask for lemonade.. not unless you want a mild watery sugary lemon drink. If you want the fizz.. ask for sprite.

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