EXPLORE LONDON// Hampstead Heath

London’s Hampstead Heath is home to one of my favourite London views. Parliament Hill. The view hold’s one of the best of London’s ever changing and developing skyline. A beauty at all seasons of the year from Summer to Winter.

Today’s adventure, slightly spontaneous led to my ever so obliging Mother and I catching the train to Hampstead Heath and making our way to the view. About 15 photos later we managed to take one that I was actually happy with and we then headed across to the other side of the Heath to Kenwood House. Imagine an 18th Century pearly white house with a meadow like lawn which screams ‘RUN’ . Well thats the house. We actually had a breakfast/ lunch at Kenwood Brew House, which is situated next to the house with an abundance of little nooks to pitch up. It was a nice day so we took full advantage of outdoor seating.

We were there somewhere in-between breakfast and lunch.. even the staff seemed confused. So whilst my mum opted for an egg scramble on a sourdough toast, I had Moroccan Salad with chicken. Standard Dessert: Gluten free New York style cheesecake. Yum.


After lunch we headed back across to Flask walk for no real other reason than to take a few pictures. Already full from Lunch and coffees it really didn’t make sense to stop again but there were plenty of desirable lunch and drinking stops. A few that caught my eye are listed below.
-The Flask
-The Spaniards
-The Hollywood
-The Wells

And there you have it. So long NW3. I’ll be back soon

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