Why I could easily live in Washington D.C

11337106_10153397546632162_5858926312896860676_oSo as you may or may not be aware I recently had the pleasure of going on a Contiki trip in The U.S.A. It involved 26 days of travelling from Los Angeles to New York City. Our final stop prior to NYC was D.C. It would be our longest stop and to be honest I was not overly excited about the place. Genuinely thought that all I would want to do was take a picture in front of the White House and leave. I am ever so delighted to say that this was not the case.


Now before I really begin, you should know that my favourite city in the world is NYC and when I went to San Francisco it nearly over took NYC in my rankings! Although the three cities are completely different in their appearance and culture, I can confidently say that I love all of them. BUT, if I did have to live anywhere long term it would be D.C
Now I live in London, and the best way to describe D.C is that its ‘kind of like’ London but if London was in America.
Now, I was only there for 3 days with some of the best people ever, so perhaps that slightly puts D.C in optimum favour. Whilst I’ll admit that it clearly wouldn’t be the same without the people, I do like to think I would still like the place… yah know.. a little.

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Oh another reason why I could live there. I am now a clear fan of the ‘Washington Nationals’ since going to ONE game and buying a hat and a big thumb. I like to think my participation in the audience ( ie. eating chilli cheese fries and drinking a margarita) was also well appreciated.

If we are talking about basics such as weather and transport, then the city too does float my boat. Firstly the weather- the milder climate ensures that seasons are well represented ( something that I think is starting to fall apart here in the UK) After enjoying flowers bloom in spring, you can look forward to a hot and hazy summer, followed by a delightful display of golden leaves the Autumn and then on to crisp white winter days. Perfect.
Secondly the transport- There are good connections to Philadelphia, Boston and NYC alike via AMTRAK and MARC trains. Inner city connections are also on point with a comprehensive metro/subway system connecting all major parts of the city. The Georgetown area is served by the D.C Circular and metrobus.


D.C is also a city of museums and monuments galore so weekend trips are a must. Not to mention that they are extremely big on mimosas and brunches in general. Now who doesn’t fancy that?

Let’s all move to D.C.



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5 thoughts on “Why I could easily live in Washington D.C

  • Been there done that; I’ll continue to live in the ‘burbs, thankyouverymuch.

    I lived in DC for six months in 1988 (I shared a common wall with the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania), before being chased out by drug dealer gunfire directly beneath my apartment window. I continued working in DC on 18th Street for another 4+ years before finally throwing in the towel, after being accosted by street people several times per month the entire time I was employed there.

    Never again.

    It can be a beautiful place to visit and take photos in, but living there can be a truly horrible experience.


    • I like this response! People are sometimes too happy to just write positive things on the Internet about their experiences in fear that people will judge them if they complain.

      And yeah, everyone has their own experience and if everyone had ‘great’ experiences it wouldn’t seem realistic… I’m mean there must be some people who hate Disneyland too!


      • I’m not too cool with Disneyland or Disneyworld for that matter, but that’s simply because they’re always so crowded and expensive. If I was there with a tenth of the normal attendance, I’d be perfectly happy there. 😀

        DC is a wonderful place to visit — depending on the neighborhood — just before daybreak, during the daytime hours, and up to an hour after sundown. But the nighttime is when the ne’er do wells come out to play and everything sours. Also, anything guarded by Federal security is generally very safe, even in the dead of night; by the city Police? Not so much.

        I lived in the suburbs for many years before moving into DC, and the stark differences really opened my eyes.


      • Haha! Had a feeling when I used Disney as an example that that would happen.

        To be fair.. I mainly ventured out in the day and was with a big tour group! Still you can say that about most cities. Actually after watching House of Cards it kind of put me off.. And most of that was filmed in the dark ( whether actual filming took place in D.C or not) haha. Some parts of London are not too tasteful either. Swings and roundabouts hey.


      • Only tiny parts of House of Cards are filmed within DC; most of it is filmed elsewhere in the ‘burbs. And they struggle with filming in DC at all, because their filming permits are constantly getting changed with as little as 12-hours notice, which plays havoc with their schedule.

        I’ve spent a lot of time in San Francisco and New York as well; New York is fine for visiting (sorta), but San Francisco is awesome — it’s my favorite big city in all of the US.


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