Essena O’Neill has taken things too far.

This video in no shape or for wishes to attack Essena O’Neill. After creating a whole career on social media I commend her for her bravery in deciding to leave.  I have followed her for around 6 months and wish her the best of luck in finding a new life for herself.
To follow Essena and her new journey. click HERE. 

However it upsets me how she has now created a movement which now means that genuinely happy people ( with a lot of followers) such as Sjana Earp etc etc  are having to justify themselves whenever they post something online.

If you have read my post ‘The Girl behind the Instagram’ ( linked below) You will know that actually she makes a valid point and to some level I do agree with her. Social media has to be treated with a pinch of salt and I can understand how a girl as young as she is has been caught up in it.

Nevertheless, social Media is not the devil and so many positive things can come out of it. (Friendships and even careers.) It has helped people share positive messages and advice. It has  helped those who want travel tips and  make up hacks as well as those who are suffering with anxiety and depression.

For me Social media has neither had a positive or negative effect on my life but is simply a part of it. A part of me is shared on social media and If I want to put up a photo from an amazing day I shouldn’t have to justify my smile in the photo. For me social media has been a way for me to share my travels ( without which I’d be lost right now….) I don’t particularly aim to inspire anyone but if someone sees one of my photos of the Grand Canyon and decides to take a trip.— Good for them.

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