The Problem with American Food

American food is awful…ly good.

– Here’s why.1506953_10152814690673154_6321159471600736214_n

Right, to start of with I love food, and here is where the problem begins. Food is like way up there on my list of priorities. I like every cuisine, I like to experiment, I like to make things, I think about food all the time. So, when you take me to a country which offers everything and at 24 hours a day, I am going to get a little excited and essentially go overboard.11312691_10153337794977162_5668762691921864669_o 11402468_10153397569677162_8025294095624336258_o (1) 10872756_10153382848697162_2478335630828375298_o (1)

It doesn’t help that when you’re away on holiday / travelling etc you kind of allow yourself to eat more food. Although you may have perfectly good intensions to control what you eat, three days in you say ‘fuck this shit’ and order everything off the menu. This only continues to get worse when you start doing this at breakfast, lunch and dinner. But… none of this matters anyway. Why? Oh, because you are going to lose all of it once you’re home ( good luck with that)11406325_10153397672197162_6485952841489920365_o 12243359_10156788867965206_8855330380972874581_n 11538111_10153397690382162_1016010092998340280_o

Another issue is that the portion sizes are ‘far too big. ‘- or so you think at the start of your trip.- At the end of your trip you’ll find yourself ordering dessert after your elephant sized burger with a side of chilli fries and mac and cheese. Regardless. The more you eat ,the larger your stomach gets. Then you’re just always hungry.IMG_0190 11427292_10153397729137162_3553072411832713436_o 11402311_10153397572517162_4832957439391689282_o

Sticking to the topic of portion sizes the country actually hosts food eating competitions that encourage you to eat like a hippo..and if you do finish it, its free and you get a cap for your efforts. I can only encourage that you have insurance for when you have a heart attack.11224402_10153361809497162_8430580394987336637_o (1)10511566_10153337988602162_4205896599153497727_o 11170296_10153334322572162_2282192403726975663_o 11289442_10153373799177162_5237576964673351983_o

Now you could argue about the portion sizes, and say ‘ why don’t you just eat until you are full’ – that’s impossible and I’ll explain why.img_1023 img_3278 img_3279

I don’t know what they actually put into their elephant sized portions but they taste so good. I don’t really care how many preservatives or colourings etc they put into it. It’s all amazing. I want to eat it all.

Thus, the problem of American food. .. Its too good.

I invite you now to go and eat that salad you know you’re dying to have.



Shoutouts to Jess and Liz for some of the photos. 🙂

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