The Wadi Rum has been a home to Bedouin people many for years. Up until recently the majority of which lived a nomadic  lifestyle herding goats. Now the Bedouins, a largely hospitable community are responsible for the majority of tourism development.
Since 1998 the Wadi Rum has been under protection of the government after being recognised as part of Jordan’s unique and natural culture.

As well as being home to films such as Lawrence of Arabia, Red Planet and most recently in 2015 – The Martian. The Wadi Rum also hosts a selection of activities, fun and enjoyable for everyone who wants to embrace desert culture.

Ride the dunes in a 4×4
Most probably the best way to cover a large  mass of the dessert and … if you’re into that sort of thing.. at speed too. Most tours cover the majority of sites of interest including movie sets and ancient hieroglyphics. There are several packages but I would recommend a 3 hour adventure is long enough. Prepare for an adventure but hold on to your craves as you wiz up and down the dunes.


Enjoy a Bedouin Tea and Campfire
I believe that this is a ‘must do’. It is certainly a beautiful moment which is not to be missed.  It is a wonderful experience to soak in the hospitality of the local communities and enjoy a beautiful, handcrafted fire whilst sipping a sweet tea.



Embrace that desert Sunset
Seriously do..I’m always a fan of a sunset but these ones are certainly up there with the best. To watch how the colours, deepen and develop as the sun becomes lower in the sky is a marvellous thing. Also, make some shapes. Silhouettes are pretty cool.



Enjoy a traditional Bedouin grilled dinner
Feast into your ‘Zarb’ ( Bedouin style BBQ- meat and veg cooked all day under the sand of the desert) After Sand and blankets lifted a barrel was pulled out containing a heap of delicious food.



Embrace a Camel Ride at Sunrise
Although maybe tired from all of last nights festivities, you must, must, must get up at 5am and embrace a sunrise camel. I don’t often get the opportunity to see many sunrises- I am always keen for this kind of activity. Riding a camel is an ‘interesting experience’ It’s certainly not the most comfortable and getting down off the camel is a tad scary. Seeing the valley in a cooler and different light is definitely a site for sore eyes.


I visited Jordan with TOPDECK and although I only spent a night in the dessert, my experience was phenomenal and definitely the highlight of the trip. Within the time constraints, Topdeck provided wonderful opportunities and a once in a lifetime experience.

All Photography by me.

to follow my journey:

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Filmed with Canon G7X, Canon 60D & Iphone6


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