An Introduction to South America

I’ve been back from South America for a while now…( just 5 months.. firstly lets just marvel at how fast 2016 is going) In fact since returning I’ve not only been to Jordan but also Switzerland…and France. Until now I have not really had the words to describe or perhaps explain my journey through three amazing countries.
A fair few people have asked me, how was it? What did you do? I haven’t really been able to answer because I didn’t really know.  Sure it was good, but that’s all I have been able to say. Somedays since returning, I have thought to myself- was I actually there?

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KVP 2016

I have waited for long enough. If I wait any longer the manipulation of time will soak into my memory and thoughts and any authenticity will be lost.

And so I apologise in advance for the array of inaccuracies  which are about to lay before you.. ( then again you were not there, how do you know what I did?)

However, just so everyone here is clear. These South American catalogs are a pure blend of notes and musings made at the time, deep thinking opening up a memory vat and lets face it…. a bit of wikipedia12963360_10154086430627162_6008135529604563117_n

As to what format to expect, currently I am not quite sure. I can guarantee you’ll see the odd diary; entry where applicable, a few lists, perhaps a video and no doubt some photos.

Some parts will be formal giving information, ideas and tips, others more simply thoughts from my ever wandering mind- which i can tell you now… will be amusing. 

and so we begin.

Stay Tuned.

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