Why, actually my Torres Del Paine experience was pretty amazing!


Of all the things that went wrong, heres to the things that went right!

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1)A lot of people battle through wind, rain and snow on this hike. Whilst that would have probably finished me off completely, we did have 5 days of brilliant sunshine.

2)The landscape really is incredible. From mountains to forests, glaciers to fields, lakes and waterfalls. No two days are the same and upon every corner you turn you enter a new world. It’s beyond beautiful.

3)Because of all of the above I was able to take some amazing photographs

4)Well, have you ever been to a place where you can drink knowing that its perfectly safe to do so from a glacial stream.

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5)You actually feel like you deserve to eat. You definitely do after several hours of hiking. Never in your life will pasta and a packet sauce taste so amazing.

6)I saw a puma casually stroll across a hilltop no less than 50m away. Was I scared shitless? yes….

7)Everyone you meet on the trek is so lovely and polite. Some have an interesting story, others share their food and for some all that is needed is the bob of a head for they too are on their own journey.

8)Upon completing the trek you can totally justify eating two pizzas and having a bottle of wine to yourself.

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9)It was a wonderful opportunity, had circumstances been different I probably wouldn’t have done it and so I am incredibly grateful that I got to experience such an amazing thing.

10)The best thing about my the Torres Del Paine is that I completed it. I did it, I didn’t give up and I didn’t go home. I finished.

It’s so rare to have the worst experience and biggest experience of 2016 all rolled up into one adventure. Even though I hated every day of it, having had time to think about it, given the chance I’d probably do it all again.

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