‘Hopes and Dreams’ for September

There’re no point in having hopes and dreams if you aren’t willing to do anything about it.IMG_0090

All I really want for this September is to get a job. I’m really good at spending my money on clothes and food but I always feel so guilty when I have no income.
I’m not someone that really likes hard work, especially when its got nothing to do with any of my interests, but this year, I have been rewarded. After several jobs ranging from working for a fashion company to working with deaf children in a school I was lucky enough to be able to afford an amazing summer. Before I went away I had quite a few set views on what a 22 year old should be doing in life. Being away for 7 weeks completely changed that. I met so many people who were older than me, who still didn’t really know what they were doing or even wanted to do. What they did know, was that they loved travel and its true, the travel bug is infectious.
I don’t want a job now because its the right thing to do, I want a job to fund my next adventure and I am so excited.



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