An extensive list of items LOST, BROKEN AND FORGOTTEN 2014-2016


Travel is real life, things will go wrong. We shouldn’t let this bring us down. We should learn from it and laugh at our mistakes.

When I think about all these trips individually it doesn’t seem like all that much as gone missing. I was quite surprised when it all accumulated. Read more

Contiki Diaries Day 5-6. Monument Valley and Durango


Photography wise Monument Valley was something that excited me the most about my 8 weeks away. It certainly did not disappoint. After seeinng it so many times online and in films it was semi surreal being there in real life. We first stopped off at Navajo gift shop to take in our first real view. After an absolute fave of mine ( as pictured in above) yeah we went there, for what I like to call the ‘real view’ AMAZING. Obligatory Forrest Gump run was not to be missed. Read more

Contiki Diaries Day 3-4 The Grand Canyon & Route 66

After leaving the buzzing lights of Las Vegas behind us we headed out of Nevada across the dessert and into Arizona, our first stop was Seligman, the birthplace of Route 66. Different kind of stop and not necessarily the most interesting of places but significant none the less. ‘Seligman is known as “The Birthplace of Historic Route Read more