Contiki Diaries Day 3-4 The Grand Canyon & Route 66

After leaving the buzzing lights of Las Vegas behind us we headed out of Nevada across the dessert and into Arizona, our first stop was Seligman, the birthplace of Route 66. Different kind of stop and not necessarily the most interesting of places but significant none the less. ‘Seligman is known as “The Birthplace of Historic Route
66” not because it is the birthplace of Route 66 itself but because it is the birthplace of its rejuvenation as a historic highway.  In 1987, residents of Seligman, most notably, Angel Delgadillo, along with fellow Route 66 lovers in Kingman founded the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona and through their efforts the State of Arizona dedicated U.S. 66 from Seligman to Kingman as “HistoricRoute 66.” ‘

Picture1Off all the places in the world which one might want to describe but fail at terribly then its probably the Grand Canyon. A place which is full of its own majesty and poise and although I cant describe it, I can at least tell you of my experience.

After arriving mid to late afternoon, first we headed off the coach and to a fantastic view point which really showed the size of the Canyon, which by the way is far far bigger than you can actually imagine.

After checking into our rooms we made our way to an early dinner at the lodge canteen, enjoyed a delightfully large taco salad. Anyway called it a night, in need of a much needed sleep after the Vegas madness. After an interesting nights sleep, we were up bright and early for helicopter rides ( bucketlist tick ). The helicopter offers a completely different perspective to that of the ground. If it was big before, it was definitely a lot bigger from the sky, literally just goes on forever and ever.


After returning to land I headed off the breakfast, by breakfast I mean a salad. Kate no fan of eggs. Why does every breakfast have to contain some sort of bloody egg..?? After brunch it was time for our hike, which was not before group exercises :p. Its a weird hike, kind of back to front in terms of effort getting up and down. Such enjoyment on the way down, then comes the questioning on ‘why did I think going down this far was a good idea, all I have to do is walk back up’ then of course the walk back up.. After we finally made it back up we had a little rest in the rooms, where I discovered ‘Food Network’ such a delightful channel. After a bit of R&R everyone headed out to our sunset trip which was celebrated with wine and more wine. Magical. ♥

After a delicious dinner, again sticking with the Mexican theme it was a rather freezing walk back to the lodge. Bit unnecessary it was time for bed to get ready for our trip out of Arizona and into Colorado in the morning.
As I said before, no words can truly do any of this justice. So here are some photos..




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