Taking the same trip twice?

Do you ever stop yourself and think. ‘ This is the last time I’m going to be here’ ?
Do you stop to wonder whether or not this time, is the last time that you’ll speak to that friend?
The last time you will have a certain meal? Read more

How To Take Better Photos.

Hey Guys! another one for the ‘Have your say’ catelogue.

I love taking photos and I love taking photos even more when I travel.  Really interesting article below about taking better photos when you travel.
– Header Image by me @katevictoriaphotography


Contiki Diaries Days 8-9 Amarillo- Dallas

IMG_8688 Another long drive day.. why is Texas so big?! Weather was not brill when we stopped in Decator for Lunch- a new contiki stop location. Ended up at ‘ Rooster’s Roadhouse’ motto ” Redneck, White Trash, Blue Collar” offering up burgers and wings alike.. naturally I had a salad… a fairly large salad. Back on the road and on to Dallas. Read more