My Top 10 Favourite Travel Photos of 2015

Just a classic countdown of my favourite travel photos from this year.



Number 10)

Location: Dalaman, Turkey.
why: because this is a doorway of many possibilities.

Number 9)

11222049_10153339998737162_4564008846044736078_oLocation: The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Why: It is by far my favourite group photo of my Contiki trip and the people are more than awesome.

Number 8)
Location: Amarillo, Texas, USA
Why: To be honest, Its the lighting- who doesn’t like golden hour?!?

Number 7)


Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Why: A USA flag makes everything better, even if you are being eaten alive by strange bugs

Number 6)


Location: Caye Caulker, Belize
Why: It’s a turtle, enough said.

Number 5)11130498_10153334312052162_5573418730697330497_o

Location: Muir Woods, San Fran, Cali, USA
Why: These are some of the tallest trees in the world and we didn’t get attacked by any bears.

Number 4)

Location: NYC, USA
Why: I have a thing about blurred lights.

Number 3)

Location: Lake Zell, Austria
Why: Don’t you like it too?

Number 2)

Location: The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Why: The Grand Canyon is too fantastic not to appear twice and lets face it…  if you don’t like sunsets please leave now

and then finally…..

Number 1) My ultimate favourite of the year.
17901_10153203799802162_3065595848950350724_n (1)

Location: Antigua, Guatemala
Why: To be honest, its the reflection. I am in love with the reflection. I love the colours, I love how people are going about there everyday. I am in love with this whole thing.

2016, you have a lot to live up to!



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