Contiki Diaries Days 8-9 Amarillo- Dallas

IMG_8688 Another long drive day.. why is Texas so big?! Weather was not brill when we stopped in Decator for Lunch- a new contiki stop location. Ended up at ‘ Rooster’s Roadhouse’ motto ” Redneck, White Trash, Blue Collar” offering up burgers and wings alike.. naturally I had a salad… a fairly large salad. Back on the road and on to Dallas.Turns out Dallas is quite a big city.. I’d always imagined it with white swinging cowboy doors.. but hey that’s me just being naive. We stayed at Springhill Suites, another Contiki newby. Rooms were actually delightful equipt with sofas and full on kitchens. Dinner was at Ellen’s. Ordered a mushroom burger which was kind of messed up but no harm done. 11311017_10204448884290356_60622952_n We then headed out to a massive cowboy club/bar. drinks $2… never a good thing. Few drinks consumed and on to the mechanical bull… something to tick off the bucketlist. Hilarious, anyway..more drinks and then I found myself assisting Liz in her first ever pool game. How about some shots? Tequila. Then had a little run around the club trying to protect Ellie from the bouncer who wanted her out. Alas. o well.. Tequila. Ugh.. ended up losing a game of ‘what are the odds with Braden.. More tequila but not allowed to have lemon or salt?!?  😦 .. went to get more shots with Leigh.. 11273689_10204448884530362_1373046764_n Day 9. What the actual… what happened ‘ I found you in the toilet’ ‘You passed out in front of the room door’ Naturally I was too ill to visit the 6th Floor Museum and continued to be sick all the way up until 3pm. Leeza and I headed to Subway.. thought I’d save it for later. on the coach… sick again. We arrived at Fort Worth and I felt like an old crisp on the floor. Unable to eat anything. We then got a Tornado warning and I thought to my self ‘ that’s it, I’m going to die here, hungover’ Manny offered around some Pecan Pie which actually did the trick and after the second half of Leeza’s pulled pork burger I was on the road for recovery. Next stop was the Rodeo made hilarious than audience participation more than anything. 11101090_10204855597722949_3810099117229278963_o Back to Dallas on an extremely hot Betsy. Kind of hunry so head to 7/11 to buy chicken tenders, a yoghurt and chocolate coconut water. Bed. Dallas 100. Kate 0 Photo credits Dinner at Ellens & Crazy Tequila Times: Leeza Fort Worth Group Shot: Manny. For a more informative time in Dallas please head over to my good friend Liz’s blog where she gives a sober, and grammatically correct account of the glorious time we spent there. Facebook : Twitter: Instagram: Google + : Pinterest: Tumblr: Snapchat: kategoesglobal

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