Contiki Diaries Day 7- Amarillo.

After leaving Albuquerque we headed out of Mexico and into America’s second biggest State. Texas, It contains America’s second largest population and is nicknamed the ‘Lone Star’ state. Signifying Texas as a former independent country after its separation from Mexico.

Anyway, after a very long drive we were finally approaching Amarillo. Before pulling up to the Big Texan ( dinner and hotel for the night) we stopped off at Cadillac Ranch, created in 1974 as a public art installation. Graffiti encouraged. After some climbing, spraying and generally frolicking around like children we headed ‘home’ to the Big Texan. Dinner shortly followed. Delicious steak was eaten whilst watching Jarryd and Dirk attempt to complete a 72ounce steak challenge  . Sadly they didnt manage it but I on the other hand did eat three desserts ( first day of real weight gain). We headed to the bar for a few and then called it a night.


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