Contiki Diaries Day 7- Amarillo.

After leaving Albuquerque we headed out of Mexico and into America’s second biggest State. Texas, It contains America’s second largest population and is nicknamed the ‘Lone Star’ state. Signifying Texas as a former independent country after its separation from Mexico. Read more

Indian Summer.


Okay so the weather has been rather deceiving these past few days. From just looking outside you surely would imagine that it’s about 14C. Well you’d be wrong. Today in London, around about 3pm it’s meant to hit 26C . It’s meant to be autumn. Everything is messed up.. Not to mention the ‘massive’ spiders that are meant to be invading our houses. Even trying to decide what to wear has become a problem. Read more

In other news.

Guess who has a Job.  Yep, me, finally. Thought it would never happen. Okay so its minimum wage and hostessing in a bar. BUT it now means that I don’t have to actually feel bad about what I spend and can now afford to go away in March for my America trip.
That aside, I’m also very excited because its a job which is going to give me so much experience.
1) I’ll now be able to work in any bar I want.
2) I’ll also be able to be a waitress in any bar I want.
3) I’ll have events experience.
4) I’ll pretty much be an ace in customer service.

Yep. so life is now sorted for the next few months. I mean, my laptop is now completely broken and now need to find a way of getting all my photos of it. BUT apart from that.. I’m pretty content.

KVPhotography. Great Barrier Reef. Australia. 2014.