Indian Summer.


Okay so the weather has been rather deceiving these past few days. From just looking outside you surely would imagine that it’s about 14C. Well you’d be wrong. Today in London, around about 3pm it’s meant to hit 26C . It’s meant to be autumn. Everything is messed up.. Not to mention the ‘massive’ spiders that are meant to be invading our houses. Even trying to decide what to wear has become a problem.


Okay, not really a big deal. But here’s what I’m actually looking forward to this autumn.
1). Leaves. Big fan of leaves. I love the colours when they fall+ photographs always look nice.
2). I like the idea of it getting colder. I mean, I prefer the sun, but I kinda miss my scarf, boots, hats and gloves.- plus winter clothes are always nicer
3).I’m a massive fan of all things pumpkin. They should be around all year.
4).Decent TV is on its way back. With the the rubbish they put on in the summer, they might as well not bother.
5).The tradition of Bonfire Night (UK) celebrations, plus it’s my birthday. Wooh.
6). If I had a fire in my house, it would always be on. I’d be roasting marshmallows or something.
7). Hallowe’en. Well, chance to dress up.


Also, later I’ll be publishing my thoughts on The Full Moon party, so look out for that. 🙂

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