2014-2015. My Year in Travel

‘ Don’t really want to go to Australia… Don’t want to be ‘one of those people’ that goes to Thailand….’

Beautiful Aquas at Errawan Falls, Thailand

The Year that Travel saved my life.

If you had asked me on this day last year about my thoughts about going away the very next day that’s the response you would have most likely got from me… It really is crazy to believe that this time last year I had little interest in going anywhere or doing anything.
At this point you may be thinking, ‘ why have you booked to go then?’ In reality, it was more of ‘not being at home’ than going away. If someone had told me in January 2014 when I first started to plan my trip that it would change my life I really would not have believed them. And well….They couldn’t have been more right.

Katie and I exploring Ngong Ping 360 Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

And so it has been one year since this all started and I could not be more grateful for everything that has happened in the last 12 months. I certainly cannot believe how happy I am day to day. I can’t believe how much I have changed in a year. Before I went I was probably at my lowest point ever and now I could not be happier if I tried. My travels through Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand were one in a million and I have zero regrets on the money spent.

My Happiest Place on Earth. The Great Barrier Reef. Australia

Since returning I have had the wonderful opportunity to 5 more amazing countries, a further 15 more cities and been at airport check just a few times…I have literally also met some of the best people, who will be my friends for life.

Caye Caulker. Belize

I do get a lot of questions along the line of.. ‘ What, so you’re 23 and you haven’t got a career yet?’, ‘What about your university education?’, ‘ Are you actually going to get a proper job?’ My answer to all of that is as follows. Yes, I don’t have a career, I have my whole life to do that..Yeah I know I went to university, doesn’t mean I have to get a proper job right away, I have a degree, it doesn’t expire. At the moment travel is kind of like a job. I spend a lot of time blogging and photo taking. Yep I don’t get paid for it but it’s something I love’

Plaza De La Constitution. Mexico City. Mexico

I have had the most amazing 12 months of my life, and right now, I actually feel like its New Years Eve or that its my birthday tomorrow. I can’t believe how  quickly a year has come round.

If the last 12 months have made me realise anything its this. Nothing lasts forever, so live each day how you want, make the most. If you want something go and get it. Don’t waste your time with time-wasters and insincere people. Things happen, and plans go wrong. That doesn’t matter. Sometimes not getting what you wanted is the biggest stroke of luck.
I am thankful for everything that happened in my life running up to my departure on 12/6/14.

Sunset at the Bell Tower. Venice. Italy

They tell you to ‘live for moments that you can’t put into words’-  I can’t even find the words to write what I want to here and its all a bit of a jumbled mess.
I guess I can conclude by saying.
Travel. Go. See the world.

Mornings at Tikal. Guatemala

Where to next???….. OH, just the world.

‘Run Forrest Run’ Monument Valley, Utah, USA

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