In other news.

Guess who has a Job.  Yep, me, finally. Thought it would never happen. Okay so its minimum wage and hostessing in a bar. BUT it now means that I don’t have to actually feel bad about what I spend and can now afford to go away in March for my America trip.
That aside, I’m also very excited because its a job which is going to give me so much experience.
1) I’ll now be able to work in any bar I want.
2) I’ll also be able to be a waitress in any bar I want.
3) I’ll have events experience.
4) I’ll pretty much be an ace in customer service.

Yep. so life is now sorted for the next few months. I mean, my laptop is now completely broken and now need to find a way of getting all my photos of it. BUT apart from that.. I’m pretty content.

KVPhotography. Great Barrier Reef. Australia. 2014.

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