Contiki Diaries Day -2 Viva Las Vegas 


Vegas is hands down one of the most bizarre places that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. At the same time of really being eventing that you expect, in reality it’s even more like Vegas, than Vegas. It has to be the worlds biggest attraction park that never closes.

After the long enough drive from La La Land we headed off the coach and to our rooms, which after 5 minutes my half was covered in clothes. My new roommate Leeza and I then popped to the Ventian to catch up with some of her family. They were kind enough to buy us both some pretty cool alcoholic slushy drinks and so as one does in Vegas we walked around drinking them. After goodbyes we headed back to the room to get ready for the evening. First stop the Las Vegas sign for obligatory group photo and then on to planet Hollywood for dinner, which was actually rather small…and typically I was starving. Luckily it was Tia’s birthday.. So naturally as what happens on Contiki is cake. I pretty much ate half her cake.. with Leeza’s help. Then it was off to the Little White Chapel and had the pleasure of being part of Jodie and Glenn’s ‘wedding’ which was so funny that it actually warmed me up because yeah the desert gets cold at night… Next stop was Fremont St. Which was actually amazing, free drinks everywhere, but too much ice..threw that on the floor.

After all that excitement we headed off to Palms, Ghost Bar. ( see pic at top for view) literally one of the best views I have ever seen. Have no idea how much I spent but I think drinks were reasonable. We headed back home and I found some food because let’s face it I was hungry again.

Day 2.

Morning morning. A beautiful day in Vegas and not too much of a hangover. First to Starbucks to revitalise before heading to Caesers for a browse, naturally it was so big that Leeza, Liz and I ended up getting lost but I did manage to buy a rather nice dress and pair of heels. After shopping galore we checked out the high roller, the biggest Ferris Wheel in USA for some pretty decadent day time views of the City. After we met Brooke for some lunch and Sangria which was incredibly tasty. Then it was time for round two. With my new dress and heels we headed first to the Bellagio for their spectacular fountain show  before heading to the Aria for Cirque du Solei. I don’t really know what I was expecting but after being to Coco Bongo in Cancun I felt a little bit disappointed.

we had some delightful pizza and then headed down to pick up out limos for a strip cruise. Awesome. It was definitely a highlight of the whole trip and certainly Vegas. Unfortunately our limo wasn’t full so we got extra champagne which is something I will never complain about. After an hour or so I stumbled out of the limo and into the Bellagio. After two free drinks I was pretty drunk and decided to call it a night.


Breakfast the next day at Harrahs was absolutely incredible. You couldn’t easily spend all day there eating your way through a the different food types. Unfortunately or in my thighs case fortunately it was time to pack up, leave Nevada and head into Arizona. Time for the Grand Canyon.

KVP xoxo

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