An extensive list of items LOST, BROKEN AND FORGOTTEN 2014-2016


Travel is real life, things will go wrong. We shouldn’t let this bring us down. We should learn from it and laugh at our mistakes.

When I think about all these trips individually it doesn’t seem like all that much as gone missing. I was quite surprised when it all accumulated.

NYC 2014
Location–  The Intercontinental Barclay, Midtown, Manhattan
My first item doesn’t actually fall into any of the categories above, but it did cause me a level of stress ( of sorts) . 2014 was a stage in which I had to curl my hair to make it look decent – ( well to be fair, I still need to do that now- I’m just lazy) I had ( and still do) have a fantastic wand from Babylis. It’s the only piece of equipment I have known to actually keep my hair in place come wind and (light) rain. When I went to turn it on I discovered that it didn’t work. Why? Why because of the damn VOLTAGE. I literally dragged by friend around the city for a whole day of torrential rain looking for a voltage converter. Complete failure and I ended up in Duane Reed buying a new wand. ( which was just as cheap and just as good )
What I learnt from this? Well nothing- but I’ve used the wand now on 4 trips and have it to take with me to Canada. Happy days!

Location – Mongkok, Kowloon
So, I decided that I wanted a glass from a bar. I wanted to keep it for the duration of my 7 week trip. It was going to be a stress but I was up for the challenge. It smashed that night when we got back to the hostel. ( bit of a relief to be honest)
What did I learn from this? Don’t steal. LOL

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Please note. This wasn’t the glass.  This was HK.

Location– Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Sydney
I had a really nice USA flag style pair of shorts from Topshop that I bought in 2012. I decided to wear them on the last day of my Aussie Contiki, which actually happened to be July 4th. However half way through the day at a trip to the Blue Mountains I bought a pair of Aussie flag beach shorts. Naturally I was keen to swap them over. The USA’s got put into a plastic bag. Later that day we visited the Harbour Bridge and we had to put all our items into a locker. Pretty sure that was the last time I saw them!
What did I learn from this? Get on EBAY as soon as this happens and buy a replacement pair ( I did, I still wear them now)
Location – The walk from Bondi to Coogee, Sydney
sandal snapped. Luckily towards the end of the walk- either way super annoying as they were the only nice pair of shoes I had with me for my whole trip.
What did I learn from this? Take a back up pair of decent shoes.

– Koh Phan Gan, Island
The other semi decent pair of shoes I had on my 7 week trip were a pair of evening style black flipflops- My foot got caught in a mud patch and with it the shoe.
What did I learn from this? Don’t wear non waterproof footwear in the mud…

So this was Australia , but here are the black flipflops!

Location – Ayutthaya , Northern Thailand
Whilst in Bangkok I finally found a shop which sold shoes in my size. 7 is not too bad in the UK but no such luck in Asia. So I ended up in Forever 21, which didn’t have a great selection of sandals but at least something to fit my flippers. I had had them less than 4 days and once again they broke!!
What did I learn from this? Nothing, this was plain unfair.

Location– Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula
I brought the wrong camera charger…Yep… as someone who likes to take photos you can understand why I would find this more than incredibly annoying. I’d been in Mexico for less than a day and I was already phoning home demanding some sort of solution from my parents ( seriously.. what were they going to do.. they were in London). I ended up on a chase around the back streets of Cancun trying to find a camera shop which stored the correct charger. I was successful
What did I learn from this? Well, probably to check what I’m packing  but now I have the added bonus of having a charger which doesn’t need an adapter for the wall.Again, ideal for Canada!

USA 2015
I didn’t lose break or forget anything, I just gained 2 stone.
What did I learn from this? Control yourself girl.

Location– Mendoza
Before I even got to Mendoza I realised that I hadn’t packed either a toothbrush or any toothpaste. Luckily this problem was corrected at a connection at Buenos Aires.
However at that point I didn’t realise that I had also forgotten any deodorant.  NIGHTMARE. I actually didn’t end up getting any until 3 days and smelt like a man. I have the same womens’ speed stick to this very day. ( I have been using others simultaneously.. duh)
Just before we were about to start a vineyard tour I snapped my glasses in half. Good one Kate… Thankfully I had an identical spare pair with me. I guarded these with my life
What did I learn from this? Apparently hygiene is not at the forefront of my mind when packing unlike sunglasses.

RIP Sunnies as seen here in TIMES SQUARE 2015

Location– Heathrow Airport
I hadn’t even left the country when I realised that my camera wasn’t charged ( even though I was sure it was!! ) and I didn’t have my chargers with me.. It was an early morning flight and boarding was the same time as the shops were due to open. I had to make a decision, and thankfully it paid off. I managed to obtain an international camera charger for most batteries and countries ( £36 😦 … but very much needed)
What did I learn from this? Always take a charger even if you think your camera is charged
Location Aqaba/Amman
Basically, on our night in Aqaba our curtain fell down in the room and I think it landed on my shorts. Now, because of this, I forgot them. I realised two days later upon return to Amman. I cannot even begin to get into the struggle it took to get these back. I think I’ll leave that for a later post more specifically about Jordan.
What did I learn from this? Check under everything for items, including fallen curtains.
Location – Wadi Rum
So remember that £36 charger that I bought.. This is what I think happened: For some reason I brought my whole day bag out to the evening camp fire. Our tour leader came and sat next to me, partially sitting on my bag. I can only presume that the charger ( with a battery, and phone charger attached to it) fell out. It was pitch black when we left later in the night. I must have missed it.
What did I learn from this? Leave things you don’t need in your hut.


So why have I listed all of this?
Well because, travel isn’t perfect, it is real life and just like in real life things are forgotten, broken and lost. Most of time, if this list is anything to go by, in the big world it doesn’t really matter, most things are replaceable or can be found. It will add to your life experience and hopefully you can learn from it.
I clearly have a problem with shoes, camera batteries and shorts. But its okay- I can handle that.

Here’s to happy travels! ( and hopefully no more balloon crashes)

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COMING SOON : 2016 Disasters.

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