The stories behind quotes taken from a diary I kept at the time

The Ongoing Shoe Problem

The one and only pair of shoes I returned home with. Koh Phangan 2014

‘And then, the worst happened…My flip flop broke. This is a joke, that’s now the second pair of shoes that his trip has ruined.’
‘Upon arriving Katie and I decided to go for a walk around. My shoes broke. Absolutely furious. Third pair now.’

(note: my first pair broke at Bondi, Australia.)
So I was one pair down but I still had a fairly nice pair of flip flops… soon to be broken in a thunderstorm. Anyway after the first incident I needed to buy a replacement pair of sandals. It was impossible to get any cheap shoes due to the size of my feet v thai women’s feet. I had to opt for a £20 pair fro Forever 21. I had had them for 2 days and hey what do you know..went out for a stroll and snap. I think Katie might have been a little scared of my reaction. I returned to the UK with the shoes on my feet. None of the shoes I actually took out with me made it back.

The Full Moon Party

Buckets.  Koh Phangan 2014


‘Sunrise will never have the same meaning once you’ve experienced it with two people at it in the sea in front of you. #lush’
So I wasn’t actually going to talk about the Full Moon because I feel like I have already slagged it off to death in previous posts-  That quote however.. I thought I would elaborate Well actually.. do I need to. No. You get the point.


Food Poising

This was not the meal in question. Koh Phangan 2014


‘For dinner we opted for Mexican which was lovely. Or so I thought. Queue food poisoning at 12 am’

So I don’t think that it was the Mexican. I actually think it was from some chicken I had had on the beach earlier. However, regardless of what caused it, I had never been so sick in my life. Every hour, on the hour- me throwing up into a bin. It was one of those travel moments when all I wanted to do was go home. What made this whole experience worse was the fact that we had a travel day which involved a boat, a coach and a plane the next day. Delightful.


Raj Ferries

In between the mainland and beyond. 2014


‘The ferry unlike the way there was disgusting, crowded and boiling. #notlovinglife . It then seemed to take forever to get to Donsack Pier but this was shadowed by the time it took for the ferry to dock. Seriously taking the piss. 40 minutes later and feeling like I was about to faint, people started moving. Then just to put the cherry on the cupcake a fucking truck decided to cut me up and so I then waited another 5 minutes for it to fucking move so that I could depart the death ship. ‘

It was time to leave Koh Phangan after a week of drinking/sleeping/escaping the rain on the Thai Full Moon Island.
Jesus, to this day this whole experience infuriates me. Things didn’t really improve that day either. After the delights of Raj Ferries, our coach to the airport and a leek in the air-con. Making what already seemed like the world’s longest day in the history of mankind even more ‘exciting’. Luckily we didn’t miss our plane.. There was no way I was sleeping at Surat Thani airport. Bangkok brought civilisation back into my life.. ( all be it for a short while)

Death by Raft Boat

Views from the Raft Boat-Mainland Thailand 2014


‘After waking up with a pile of dead Mosquitos around my legs we had breakfast on the raft. I didn’t eat much of it because it had been contaminated with a horrible looking fried egg.’

Bugs like me. Is someone is going to get bitten or stung, it is going to be me. Day 1 of our G Adventures ‘ Northern Thailand’ Tour. Still feeling the effects of food poisoning from two nights ago I fancied an early night. 7:30 I was in bed. I say bed… very thin mattress on the floor.Room boiling, fan not working. ( I should mention we were on a raft boat in a lagoon who’s name escapes me). Looking up to the ceiling and noticing an exposed lightbulb, I was more than delighted to see a ‘swarm’ of mosquitoes buzzing around the light. Now the only thing one can do in this situation is spray a tonne of bug spray around the room and hope for the best.After an uncomfortable nights sleep and the attendance of a fair number of geckos on the walls, I woke up surprisingly unscathed .

The Jungle Trek

Somewhere in the Chiang Mai Jungle 2014


‘We then arrived at the start point for our trek. Hating life. It was TERRIBLE. Actually felt like crying it was that bad. On the basis that I have legs like bamboo it was almost impossible for me to walk down slippery mud. Quite frankly I’m surprised that I didn’t fall flat on my arse. Seriously considering bailing out of this shit tomorrow.’

Oh my, reading this back is more than hilarious. It wasn’t that bad. It however, certainly was a challenge. ( one which I never really want to repeat). Just thinking about the night where a monkey went to the toilet on me, or the night there was a scorpion loose in the camp. Ah. Great times.
I will however say that despite these horrific times I cannot forget the times that made me smile, such as making Chinese lanterns and feeding bananas to elephants.

Its all over. Time to head back to Bangkok. 2014

Okay so, this sounds like I had a pretty awful time. I didn’t. I got over all these problems pretty quickly and now looking back they are more than hilarious. As I mentioned in my previous post ‘ MY WORST TRAVEL MOMENTS OF 2015’ It’s these experiences which shape your travels and make the good times even better. I also met some amazing people. That’s whats important.
I spent a month in Thailand. It was pretty great. You should go.
(maybe avoid boats)



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