It’s been a while..

Colourful sheep. Bollington, UK.
So I’ve just been looking at all the topics I said I would be writing about this month and I think I might have been a little too ambitious..

Literally think that work are trying to kill me.. Working everyday this week and potentially up until Tuesday. Furthermore they have changed my job which I am not happy about at all. I now realise why I went to university for three years and got a degree. Somehow I have still ended up being a cleaner ( practically) waitress. With no disrespect to anyone that is a waitress and always has been.. It’s just not for me, I’m lazy, hate cleaning and am just glad that I have other options. I respect anyone that is indeed in that area of hospitality… Saying that, I wouldn’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day either. I’m just fussy. On the plus side of this torture it is just down the road, I can walk in 7 minutes and have no travel expense. AND…. It is going to fund America. That all being said I’ve been in a terrible mood and haven’t been able to post.
So, realistically… You’ll probably.. Actually definitely see a lot of leaves and pumpkins and I’ll try and complete as many of the other topics as possible.
In the meantime follow me on instagram @katevictoriaphotography for photos and other updates. 🙂

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