Face your Fears

So apparently today is ‘face your fears day’.

Now it’s a topic that I wouldn’t usually right about but I feel I can relate to this one. There have been many theories about fear and names for it alike. One common one: ‘ Fear is fear of fear itself’ although sometimes true perhaps for the purpose of this post we go into a bit more detail. So fear is an emotion due to a threat perceived by living entities which causes a change in brain and organ function, ultimately changing behaviour. Fear can also be a response to a specific stimulus happening in the present or to a future situation which is perceived as a risk to a number of situations such as power, health or money. Fear should be distinguished from, but is closely related to, the emotion anxiety, which occurs as the result of threats which are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.

Travel can be scary. In many cases it literally is leaving your comfort zone and everything that you are used to to go and travel around places which unfamiliar cultures and languages. Travel is never something that I have particularly feared. Although a little daunting especially in countries where they use a different alphabet, I’ve managed to get along fine.
However the whole purpose of this post was to discuss two things. Firstly a recap of my thai jungle trek and secondly to talk about relative fears. The trek was one of the most terrifying things that I have ever had to endure. For the majority, I hated it, didn’t want to do it, would rather be anywhere else. However, looking back I’m glad I did. It’s certainly put other fears such that of smaller spiders and bugs at home into proportion. As one fear surpassed another, the old one disappeared. Even throughout the trek the ache of my legs outshone the fear spiders, Tigers and whatever else. Since coping for 4 days in the jungle, I feel capable of doing much more at home.

Now touching on the topic of fears and phobias, one persons fear may seem irrational to another. If anyone knows me in real life you’ll know I’m a fan of the phrase, ‘it’s all relative’. People deal with things differently, we are all made up of different makeup and one person may welcome such a challenge another may run from it.
For me know, the biggest fear I have to deal with is carrying a tray of wine glasses at work, which I’m always trying to avoid. …..

For more on my thai jungle trek click here.

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