Hello November

Yes, that’s right. I’m back. So, where exactly have I been. Work.. I have been at work. This is literally the first chance I have had to even think about writing something.
So, firstly an apology. My blog plans for October completely failed…thus not having any set plans for November. Secondly, I’m still no further with my plans for USA in March, again due to work.
In other news.. It was my birthday yesterday! Yay me. So today me and mamma are planning a shopping trip to Oxford St. In London..because I have not been for agesssss. The last time I made it that far along the central line was way back in May.
I’m also celebrating via instagram. This year for birthday week, I’m embracing all things Autumn. Leaves, Sparklers, etc etc.
head over to @katevictoriaphotography for more on that.
In conclusion to this rather dull post, what did I learn in October?
I really do need to learn how to manage my time a hell of a lot better.
Ciao for now.


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