I left my heart in San Fransisco 

Apologies for the really late post.. I have been meaning to write this up for 3 weeks!!


5 days in the City by the Bay

As I wrote this I am currently sat at Macy’s roof terrace overlooking Union Square drinking a glass of Prosecco  ( slowly morphing into some sort of Audary Hepburn character ) Pretty much had the day to myself. Said goodbye to some friends this morning, of which my time in San Fran would have been a bit dull without and then made the effort to trek to Lombard St. Ehh. I would say that it was semi worth the hour round trip. But as roads go, it’s pretty cool. I’m sure my legs will thank me tomorrow. 

This is actually my third solo meal. Just about got used to dining alone. All started when I arrived on Thursday and I was a floor down at ‘Burger Bar’. On the subject of day 1…

So after arriving at USA hostels ( which by the way was amazing and anyone wanting to visit the city and hostel it.. Go there.)I went on a bar crawl which was a pretty good way of meeting a few people. Went to 4 bars all of which names I cannot remember but it was a pretty good night. Took an extremely dubious walk home on my own but yay I survived.

Day 2 started early with a bike ride.. Another activity which made me realise my level zero athletic ability. The cycle over the bridge was actually fine but getting there i almost died.  After arriving in Sausalito I had a lovely lunch with some new friends before heading back on the ferry to the city. Of course naturally I got completely lost trying to get the stupid bike back to the rental shop and cycled round for an extra 3 miles. That evening a couple of new friends and I went for a feast of wings, tacos, calamari and ribs which was delicious



Day 3.. Time for a  rest?  No apparently not. Embarked on a walking tour which started at 10, got a quick bite to eat on the way and passed through China town. Met the man who stared in Will Smiths the Persuit  of Happiness and learnt that the Chinese fortune cookie was invented in Sanfransisco! After the tour I went for a walk ( trek) around Golden Gate Park which is massive but not before visiting Fishermans Wharf for some clam chowder and a view of the the Sea Lions. Much needed nap after all that before dragging myself out for a ridiculously large Thai meal and enjoying free alcohol at the hostel. Grandma went to bed at 11pm zzzzzz.


Day 4- Muir Woods to see some of the tallest trees going. Ended up on a bit of a hike but probably needed to anyway. Actually managed to get to Walgreens and buy some shampoo etc.

Which brings me to now. Tonight’s plans involve $5 pasta dinner and a few drinks with free wine and cheese. ❤️

S.F, you have been truely amazing and even given NYC a run for its money. I’m sure I’ll be back but now to LA


KVP xoxo

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