My Day in Mexico City

 KVP this evening coming from Mexico City, Mexico. Olé!

Only having one day to myself I thought instead of having a well earnt rest in my room after my Contiki tour of Central America ( post on that later ) I’d get up and explore on my own. So now with a big thank you to google maps I have found myself 6 stories high with a glass of sangria looking over the Catedral y Sagario Metropolitano. I must say the view is rather nice and I can’t complain about the hour walk it took to get here.

Anyway, prior to this I found I rather nice shopping mall and had ‘breakfast’ naturally they didn’t speak any English and so with my limited Spanish I managed to order a juice, a croissant.. Oh and what can only be described as nachos with chicken.. (Let’s call that lunch, it was 1pm)

As for someone who despite likes travelling to different places, I don’t particularly like 1) being on my own. And 2) my own company. However if today has taught me anything it’s the following.

1) All the things I usually rely on other people for I can actually do myself.

2) Google maps is my best friend

3) I understand more Spanish than I originally belived.

And so, sadly, but also with excitement it’s time to say Adios to Mexico and Hello to San Francisco. What I have found, that like most places I have travelled is that Central America has surprised me. And I think the more a place surprises you, the more enchanting it can be.

With love from Mexico x

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