Good Morning


Am I in Thailand? no..I am however in the  comfort of my own bed on a rather cloudy day in London. And so today I bring to you a lovely list of new social media you can follow me on!! YAY

SNAPCHAT  add me 🙂 . kategoesglobal ( where you can keep uber up to date with my travels ) ♥

Tumblr. http://katevictoria-photography.tumblr.com/


Google+ https://plus.google.com/106703010474691743595/about
( where you can also find a link to my wonderful youtube page- where I incidentally uploaded my first video last week so go check that out  HERE)

Twitter. wooh. go check out @katevictoria_xx for my ramblings and complaints. https://twitter.com/katevictoria_xx

AND FINALLY. Yes, I do have a facebook page… and you should go and like it.


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