So why Mexico and Central America?

Good question. With less than a week to go thought I’d explain why I’m going there.

Although Mexico etc was always on my list of places to visit and explore, to be honest I didn’t think I would be going there so soon. When I had original plans to ‘do’ Route 66 bringing in another three countries wasn’t really an option. However, like all things in live, they change. So without further ado, I contacted my old friend Contiki and tried to find a tour similar to what I had already had planned. Okay so that was sorted. However, I had always planned on going away in March. I, therefore needed to find a tour which would fit in nicely with my USA one. With originally thinking that I’d make it to South America, ( Brazil and Argentina) time and money restrictions meant that was out of the question.NOW don’t get me wrong.. Its not like I didnt want to go to Mexico.. I just didn’t think I would be going to soon.
I mean 6 months before I went to Australia I didn’t even have any intention of ever going.. then look what happened.


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