Thoughts 35ft high in the sky 

slight jump ahead chronologically but here you go thoughts one has in a plane travelling solo from NYC JFK to London LHR..


• oh shit, how much is my suitcase actually going to weigh?

• 22kg… That’s 2 more than what it’s meant to be but she hasn’t said anything so I’m going to take my passport back and move away slowly

• Can’t find a coffee I like the look of..who do I think I am? I didn’t even drink coffee three days ago…

• who gets into coffee in America?? 

•found the peanut butter mnms . Winning

•no wifi? What the actual.

•might as well get out the book

•haven’t actually read the book since July at Bombay Airport..


 Have not been amongst so many British people in a very long time..

•poor film selection

•man next to me has decided that the arm rest is his.. Okay then.

•half hour delay. Fab, get to sit on this plane for even longer

•can’t believe that I’m leaving… I’ve had the best 8 weeks

•Richard Branson. Sleaze.

•Still think I’d make a decent air hostess.

•shit! Just spilt half my wine on arm rest mans leg.. I don’t think he’s noticed though.

•I’ll have some more wine please

•Edodus: really good film.

•I really am exhausted

•whatever I’m putting my chair back, the man in front has…


•oh! Are we here?


• hahaha look at that really long queue for the non EU line… Suckers

• shit my suitcase, why isn’t it coming round yet?!?

• phew there it is!!

•I have nothing to declare right?

•mother isn’t here yet.

•okay I’ll just wait here on the floor

•oh there she is, wait no welcome home banner? No balloon?

•Holiday officially over 😦

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