Contiki Diaries day 6-7. Albuquerque


After leaving Colorado behind we headed into New Mexico ( Breaking Bad Land) and after a long drive we arrived at the hotel in Albuquerque.We headed straight down to a buffet dinner ( bad bad bad for Kate) Dinner was followed by sober karaoke which was semi interrupted by a random fire alarm. After a couple of drinks it was time for bed. In preparation for a week of drinking to follow.
Early start for the next day for ballooning. ♥ Had 13 in our balloon which i thought was dubious from the beginning. Anyway all was well. Set off and up we went into the sky. Delightful. Time to land? crash landing anyone???… haha. Upon landing we casually bumped across a verge, skidded across a road and landed in a ditch…breaking the basket as we went. Of course we landed in a gated field and thus had to wait for a man to come up and open up so we could get the balloon back on the truck. IMG_8604

Soon enough the truck arrived with our champagne breakfast and after a celebratory – ‘We survived’ it was back to the hotel to check out and continue through New Mexico to Santa Fe.


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