When in Rome..


Of all the places I’ve visited in Italy, now quite a few.. when I visited Rome a couple of years ago I am sorry to say that I was a little disappointed. Perhaps, because I had just travelled through the glorious landscape of Tuscany or maybe because it was the end of two weeks and I was a little bit tired. Either way it just didn’t cut it for me. It seemed void of the magic and charm I’d seen in magazines and on television. Since visiting Venice last year Rome appeared even more of a black hole. It’s always such a shame when a place doesn’t live up to your expectations. Nevertheless I enjoyed the city not for being Rome, but for just being a city.

3 Days in Rome: What not to miss

You cannot visit Rome without visiting another country at the same time. That is of course the Vatican. Whether you’re a fan of The Da Vinci Code or just beautiful churches you certainly can’t miss this out. Queues are extremely long and hot in the summer months and often unshaded which paired with having to cover shoulders and knees can be rather uncomfortable. Once in, you have the opportunity to explore the grounds as well as climb the 551 steps for 5 euros. Once at the Top of St Peters the views over The Vatican and Rome are mesmorising.


I hear that the Trevi Fountain has had a lot of work done on it lately which has made photographing such an iconic landmark tricky and somewhat disappointing but with all old masterpieces restoration is needed for upkeep. Normally the white statues and the aquamarine waters are a haven on a sweltering day. Although nearly always full of tourists, the crowds are quick moving meaning that there’s always space to make that all important wish and take a few photos.


The Spanish Steps! Yay another free attraction, just around the corner from the Trevi Fountain, so both easily visited in an afternoon. Once you’ve gone to the steps, sat on them, and taken a picture there really is not much else to do. Then again,  I guess you could sit for hours on end having mindless conversation over a box of Italian wine and a slice ( or two) of pizza……probably should have done that actually. Anyway theres lots of cafes and bars around if step dining isn’t your thing.

If wanting to see the Collseum and the Forum, I’d get up early and make a day of it. I’ve grouped them both together here due to a handy double ticket, purchasable which combines both attractions. You can collect them from either location. I personally headed to the Forum for 2 reasons. firstly- the queues are not as long as it’s not so central and secondly, there are a lot of open spaces in the Forum and it offers little shelter from the midday sun. If you get this out of the way first you can then head down to the Coliseum where parts are shaded. I would really recommend a tour around the Forum. Walking round solo it is hard to find bits of rubble too interesting as they have no significance. ‘Get your Guide’ website has lots of information regarding tours not only around The Forum but Rome itself. The Coliseum, slightly more informative is utterly majestic but I believe it’s one of those places which looks better from the outside than from within


EATALIAN!! You cannot go to Rome without trying the food. make sure you check out the thin sliced pizza, Pizza Bianci – a delicious foccacia style Pizza bread and finally Roman Carbonara. Ah Bellisimo.

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