Contiki Diaries Days 10-11 Dallas to Memphis

Elvis has left the building…


99% recovered we left Dallas and headed to Texarkana, situated in, yep you’ve got it.. the boarder between Texas and Arkansas. Took some photos as standard before getting back on the coach and heading to Little Rock were we learnt about the Little Rock 9 and went to the school museum.
Upon arriving in Memphis and a small mix up with the rooms we headed out to dinner to a restaurant called Kookie Canuck. A Canadian themed place. Naturally I decided with Vanessa to attempt to complete a two man burger challenge.. as seen on man vs food. NO CHANCE. The burger was incredibly tasty though and I did manage to eat my half of the filling. Feeling more than full we headed to Beale St to experience some Memphis Nightlife. Evening started a little flat but after compaiiing Braden a sense of achievement lifted my mood. After  few more drinks and a couple more shenanigans the evening picked up. Contiki tshirts flying everywhere…

Day 11.

Early wake up, some more hungover than others and off to Gracelands to learn more about all things Elvis. Better than I expected seeing as I’m not the biggest Elvis lover but still probably would not have paid for the privalidge had it not been included.
Everyone back on the coach and some still feeling rather peeky.
Next stop the hotel where MLK got assassinated- now home to a civil rights museum. This was followed by a delightful lunch on the riverbanks of the Mississppii, food courtesy of Gus’s chicken. After we headed to the Peabody Hotel to see the march of the Peabody duck. The most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Had a quiet dinner at ‘The Local’ before me and Liz headed to Beale St to grab a few photos and a glass of wine.

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